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Temporary exhibitions


The First Bastion. Pop-up exhibition of an unearthed fortification's hidden treasures at two locations

Castle Museum // Buda Popup
On view: 25 May - 31 October 2019



New temporary entrance to the Castle Museum


Dear Visitors, 


due to construction works in the former Royal Palace, the main entrance of the Castle Museum is temporarily closed. The museum is accessible from 10 September 2019 via a temporary entrance, called the Bronze Gate, in the Lions' Court.


Thank you very much for you understanding.   


International urban history conference

The Castle Museum of the Budapest History Museum is going to co-host the international urban history conference 'Economic Functions of Urban Spaces from the Middle Ages to the Present' in September 2019.

Taking place between 18 and 20 September 2019, the conference is co-organized by the¬†International Commission for the History of Towns (ICHT), the¬†HAS ‚ÄěLend√ľlet‚ÄĚ Medieval Hungarian Economic History Research Group and the Castle Museum of the Budapest History Museum.¬†

The Castle Museum is going to provide the venue for the presentations on the second day (19 September) of the conference. The first section will be chaired by dr. András Végh, Director of the Castle Museum. 

The detailed program of the confererence is available by clicking here. 


Exhibition closes early

We inform our visitors that the exhibition 'Buda Castle District Uncovered - 10 Years of Archaeological Excavation' closes one week earlier for technical reasons. The exhibition is open until 24 July 2019.

Temporary Library Closure

We are hereby informing our visitors that the Medieval Library in the Castle Museum is closed until the end of January 2019 due to construction works carried out in the building. Thank you for your understanding.    


Entry to the Castle Museum in the upcoming days

We are hereby informing our visitors that preparations for an event are being carried out in the Lions Court on 21-23 and 25-26 September. The main entrance of the Castle Museum can be reached through the corridors located on either side of the Court. Regular opening hours apply.