Library of the Museum


Val√©ria KOV√ĀCS Phd.

department manager, chief curator, librarian

Phone.: (36-1) 487-8821

Medieval Library

Budapest, 1014 Szent György tér 2.

Phone: (36-1) 487-8800 / 822.

Márta Békésiné WELLISCH

chief curator, librarian

 Erzsébet Horváthné HANNY Phd.

chief curator, librarian

We are hereby informing our visitors that the Medieval Library in the Castle Museum is closed until the beginning of May 2019 due to construction works carried out in the building. Thank you for your understanding.    


Archaeological Bálint Kuzsinszky Library

Budapest, 1033 Sujt√°s u. 3.

Phone: (36-1) 368-6046 / 103.



Modern and Art Library

Budapest, 1033 Kiscelli u. 108.

Phone: (36-1) 250-0304